Issues with the Graph

What is going on?

The Graph is experiencing degraded performance on the Polygon network, affecting Polymarket and the data that is shown to users.

How long will this go on and how can I keep track of the issue?

We are in contact with The Graph team and are working on our own solution if the issue persists. You can keep track by checking The Graph status page or joining our Discord.

What is The Graph?

The Graph is a decentralized indexing protocol that allows anyone to build APIs known as subgraphs that can be referenced by others. In short, The Graph enables blockchain data to be easily understood through graphs, tables, etc.

What is affected right now?

Price data, portfolio positions, transaction history, and other trade-related activities are affected.

How can I keep track of my positions if The Graph isn't updating?

There are 2 ways to keep track of your positions:

1) Head to the individual market and click on the "sell" tab. You will see the number of shares within the container.

2) Head to Polymarket Whales and enter your Polymarket address. You can find your Polymarket address by heading to the deposit page and copying the address found in the "Peer-to-peer" deposit option.

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