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$0.08 deposits regardless of how large your deposit is

This guide will walk you through depositing USDC to Polymarket using Crypto.com.

Visual Guide

1) Sign up for Crypto.com and download their app.

2) Send funds to Crypto.com using the following methods:

3) Log in to Polymarket and click Deposit on the top of the page

4) Select Exchange/Other > Polygon and copy your address

5) Open your Crypto.com app and select Transfer -> Withdraw -> External Wallet -> Add Wallet Address -> look up USDC.

6) Select the Polygon tab and paste the copied address in USDC Wallet Address

Sending USDC over the wrong network could mean losing your funds. Be sure to choose the Polygon network. When in doubt, send a small amount first.

7) Select Withdraw USDC, enter the USDC you would like to send, and select Withdraw.

7) You will receive your funds in a few minutes!

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