Peer-to-peer withdrawals

This guide will walk you through withdrawing USDC to Polymarket using the Peer-to-peer method.


  • Another Polymarket user or any wallet on the Polygon chain

Visual Guide

1) Head to our Discord and use the #peer-to-peer channel to coordinate with another Polymarket user who has USDC on Ethereum.

2) (i) If someone responds, (ii) search from:[username] in the top right to check that they are an active participant in the Discord.

3) DM the user and agree upon the transaction fee and the payment method that you will pay the other community member. They will then send you their wallet address once terms have been reached.

4) Head to and select Withdraw.

5) Select the Peer-to-Peer method, enter the amount you want to withdraw, paste the other Polymarket user's wallet address, and click Initiate Transfer.

6) You will receive USDC within 5 minutes of the other user sending you funds! Be sure to confirm that the transaction was successful in #peer-to-peer on Discord so other users know that you are both reliable.

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