Ethereum deposits

Send USDC from your walle on the Ethereum blockchain

Using Metamask


  • USDC

  • ETH

  • MetaMask

Visual Guide

1) Install MetaMask on a supported browser. Check out our video guide if you don't already have MetaMask.

2) Copy your MetaMask wallet address and send USDC and ETH from an exchange like Coinbase or Kraken.

3) Click Deposit on the top of the page, select MetaMask > Ethereum, and click Connect Wallet

4) Click Approve and click Confirm in the MetaMask extension. You will be charged a fixed, one-time fee to authorize Polymarket to spend USDC.

Skip this step if you have previously deposited USDC on Polymarket with MetaMask.

5) Once the transaction is approved, enter the amount of USDC you would like to deposit, click Deposit, and click Confirm in the MetaMask extension.

The gas fee is a flat fee that is the same for a $1 and a $1,000,000 transaction.

7) Once the transaction is approved, a timer will appear and you will receive your funds in 30 minutes or less!

Using another wallet


  • USDC

Visual Guide

1) Click Deposit at the top of the page

2) Select Exchange/Other > Ethereum and copy the address

3) Send USDC from your exchange to the copied address

Sending ETH or any other token to this address may result in the loss of your funds.

4) Once there is enough USDC, a popup will appear. Click Initiate Deposit once you have enough USDC.

5) Review the following information and select Initiate Deposit.

The network fee can change due to demand. It includes either a $3 or a 0.3% fee (whatever is greater), paid to external parties relaying the transaction. Learn more about the network fee here.

6) Your funds are on their way and will arrive within 30 minutes!

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