๐Ÿ“ˆBuilding a portfolio

Once your deposit is successful, you have all you need to start experiencing Polymarketโ€™s unlimited trading.

Visual Guide

1) Click on Markets in the Navigation Bar at the top of the page.

2) Browse the available markets and select one that interests you.

3) Choose the outcome you believe will resolve correctly in the Buy/Sell Modal. Next, input the USDC worth of shares you'd like to buy.

  1. Current market price

  2. Price of the market after your action. The larger the order size and the lower the liquidity is, the greater the prices will change.

  3. Your Avg. Price: The average price youโ€™re paying for each outcome share. The larger the order size and the lower the liquidity is, the higher your average price will be when buying shares.

  4. Estimated Shares Bought: Approximately how many shares you will purchase. This number may change due to external slippage.

  5. Maximum Winnings: The amount of USDC you will be able to redeem if you are right.

  6. Max. Return on Investment: The maximum percentage gain you will achieve if you are right.

4) Click Buy, review your transaction, agree to our TOS and Privacy Policy, and click Confirm.

5) Your transaction will process within 20 seconds.

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