Hop withdrawals

This guide will walk you through withdrawing USDC to Polymarket using Hop withdrawals. Hop is the fastest way to transfer USDC from Polymarket to an exchange or to an address on Ethereum. If you want to pay $25 or less, we recommend using the Crypto.com method.


  • USDC

  • Fee: Network fee + 0.18% of withdrawal

Visual Guide

1) Head to polymarket.com/profile, select Withdraw, and select Hop Withdrawals.

2) Paste the intended USDC address and enter the amount you want to withdraw.

If you are sending funds to an exchange, only use the USDC deposit address. If you are sending funds to a wallet, funds will be sent to the Ethereum network.

3) Once the withdrawal is marked as successful, you will receive your funds in 10 minutes!

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