🤑Selling & redeeming shares

This visual guide will walk you through selling and redeeming shares.

Selling Shares

1) Go to the individual market page, locate the Buy/Sell Modal, and click the Sell tab.

2) Enter the number of shares you intend to sell or click Max. Review the metrics and click Sell.

3) Review your trade, agree to our TOS and Privacy Policy, and click Confirm.

4) Your trade will process within 20 seconds. Be sure to tweet your trade!

Redeeming Shares

1) Click Portfolio to view your individual positions.

2) Scroll down to see your market positions. Once a market has resolved, the button will change from Trade to Redeem. Click Redeem.

3) Click Redeem Winnings.

4) You have successfully redeemed your shares! Check out our other markets to maximize those returns!

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